Desert Bloom™ was founded on the belief that your good health is your most valuable asset. For over a decade our company has remained dedicated to providing health education, information resources and safe, natural and effective nutritional products.
Your body is a highly complex and finely balanced organism. To function properly it must be provided with specific nutrients on a regular basis. Over the years we have listened to our customers and responded with research and product development to bring them the nutritional formulas they need.

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Before forming Desert Bloom the company, its founders engaged in a quest to re-discover the lost secrets of natural products that strengthen the systems of the human body and their ability to internally resist disease and the effects of aging.  That quest involved a wide variety of natural plants and medicinals.  In their search, they found only one plant that has benefits for the total human body system - - only one plant that has a wide array of nutrients and natural plant chemicals that have been scientifically linked to good health and that appear to act in a synergistic way to protect and strengthen the body’s major systems and vital organs.  Many plants and medicinal herbs have specialized benefits such as Aloe Vera for cuts and burns. But the best plant that we have found that supports the total human body is Nopal.        

Nopal is native to the American continent. However, so impressed with its properties were the Spaniards that they took Nopal from the Americas to many countries of the world beginning in the 1400’s.  While Nopal may today be found in places far distant from the Americas such as the Mediterranean, Israel and Australia , our tests indicate that the very best Nopal is found in Mexico .  This is likely because of unique climactic and soil/mineral conditions.

So important is Nopal in Mexico , that the emblem on the flag of Mexico has a royal eagle perched on a Nopal plant, clutching a snake in its talons.  This emblem stems from ancient Aztec legend and Nopal is said to hold within it the passion and the essence of the Mexican race.

Having found the plant and the very best possible source of supply, we then set out to find and develop a process to extract the active ingredients found in Nopal.  We have worked on the Desert Bloom method of biologically processing Nopal for the last four years. The process is vitally important because a method had to be found that would not diminish the effects of any of the natural ingredients found in Nopal or the manner in which they work synergistically to strengthen, maintain and repair human body systems. 

Today several companies offer dehydrated Nopal in capsule or powdered form.  That is unacceptable for Desert Bloom because scientific tests of dehydrated Nopal indicate that its only benefit is course fiber, which does have some colon cleansing benefit -- but dehydration eliminates all of its other and more powerful benefits.  Again, our research indicates that it is not any one single nutrient or ingredient in Nopal that gives it its unique benefits, but the total combination.  It is very much like an orchestra.  Only when all of an orchestra’s instruments are doing their part is beautiful music heard. 

Consequently, Desert Bloom Nopal is an extract of Nopal in juice form.  Secondly, our studies have shown that heating serves to enhance the beneficial properties of raw Nopal.  Third, Desert Bloom Nopal is a 100% natural product with only natural forms of preservatives added.  In this manner, the Desert Bloom process of preparing Nopal is designed to retain and enhance the natural synergistic properties of Nopal. 

At the beginning of our testing among people in Los Angeles and in South Korea , we found even a single strength concentration of Nopal to have benefits reported in prior research--in many but not all people tested.  We then developed a process for concentrating the extract. The process developed permits concentration of the biologically active ingredients of Nopal, including its 18 amino acids, unsaturated fats, soluble fiber (pectin in particular), and its essential vitamins, minerals and other natural phytochemicals.

The founders of Desert Bloom want to share the potential of Desert Bloom Nopal with you.  Our life’s work has become Nopal because we have strong faith in its potential - - faith that is now supported by factual findings.

We will continue to explore and develop the Desert Bloom Nopal family of products.  And we believe that in the years to come, you will see “Desert Bloom” become a highly respected name in the health industry in many countries. 


We are dedicated to improving the quality of life by continuing to provide new, advanced skincare and nutritional formulations designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of our consumers and support them in maintaining their health and well being. We take pride in the quality, effectiveness and value our nutritional supplements offer to our customers of all ages. It remains our goal to develop solutions to people's health needs and make a difference in their lives. We'll continue to provide maximum benefit to the consumer and preserve our standard of excellence.


At Desert Bloom™, we are committed to the belief that good health is your most valuable asset. We have developed a synergistic line of nutritional supplements produced from the highest quality natural sources in the most advanced formulations to ensure you receive products that are natural, safe and effective.

Our products are developed using state of the art scientific research and are produced in FDA approved labs that meet or exceed nutrition industry standards for freshness and purity. It is our uncompromising commitment to excellence that ensures you receive the nutritional products you deserve.

We invite you to experience the natural difference Desert Bloom™ products can make in your overall health and wellness.

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