How long would a 32 oz bottle of nopal juice extract last me?

It depends on your current health condition. Generally speaking, for a healthy person or for maintenance purpose, 1/3 of a ounce (1/3 cap full) with 1/3 of a cup of water/your favorite juice would be enough. Most people would agree that there are only two reasons why you have some chronic health conditions-too much of what you don't need (usually toxins), and too little of what you do need (vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acid to enhance hormone production). To quickly get rid of these two problems, please drink at least 1 cap full (1 oz) a day for the first 3~6 months. It is highly recommended to drink 1 cap full 15 minutes before breakfast and 1 cap full before dinner for the first bottle. This would allow your body to quickly cleanse itself. However, if you have some serious health issue(s), please do 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz before dinner for the first 1~3 months, then reduce to 1 oz a day for the next 3~6 months. More important than the above instruction, listen to your own body. You body will tell you how much or less you should take at any given time.

Is there any side effect?

There are no side effect with this all-natural product. However, for people with too much toxins in their organs, they might experience headache or dizziness for hours, days, or even up to 2 weeks. When toxins are leaving your organs, it doesn't just go directly to your bladder and out of your body. It goes through your bloodstreams then to your bladder. While it is in your bloodstreams, you may have dizziness or headaches, just drink lots of water to help your body quickly get rid of the unwanted stuffs.

If dizziness, headaches, or other reactions persist, just reduce the amount to 1/3~1/2 oz per day for a while. Others might have a little diarrhea for a few days, especially for people who already suffer from constipation. It is trying to soften what's already in your intestine for a long time. Constipation is the beginning of accumulation of toxins; DB Nopal Extract Juice will take care of this very quickly.

Diarrhea may last from days to 2 weeks, just don't take it in the morning if you experience this, 15 minutes before dinner would be ideal. Another reason why you are having diarrhea is because your digestive system environment is very acidic. Acidity produces inflammation and inflammation leads to many diseases. However, by changing the PH level too fast may create diarrhea. The only way to deal with it is to change the PH level slowly. Take only 1/3 ~ 1/2 oz a day instead of 1 oz a day in the beginning. As your digestive system becomes more alkalized, then, you can do 1 oz a day.

On the other hand, 5% of people might experience constipation. It is called "complex constipation". Please drink twice instead of once a day for 2 weeks and add yogurt or other sources of probiotic to mix with nopal juice extract.

What makes your nopal juice different from others?

  1. Concentration-- some so called "nopal juice" on the market contains very little amount of nopal. One MLM company offers nopal juice with less than 10% of nopal juice in it. Our nopal juice extract requires 200 lbs of nopal cactus to extract all the good stuffs into one bottle. That's why you need to dilute 1:8 before drinking. Some of our distributor asked why not use only 100 lbs or even 50 lbs to make a bottle to lower the price? Our founders simply do not want to sell water to our customers. When we possess the technology to offer the best, why offer what's second best? At the end, it really doesn't save the customer money. Plus, concentration less than 25X is proven to achieve very little result.

  2. Heating and fermentation-- When heated with a certain degree and fermented in manufacturing process, it brings out the best in nopal. It makes amino acids more absorbable to human body and create more health benefits synergistically. Eating raw cactus does not create the health benefits like drinking Desert Bloom Nopal Juice Extract. It certainly does not create the testimonials our customers have.

  3. History of experiences-- we are the longest history of producing nopal juice product. 18 years of experience in manufacturing, research, and development. We know what's the best for our clients.

How much does a bottle cost?

One bottle could last a person 1~3 months depending on his/her current health condition. The promotional price is $109 a bottle out of the retail price of $120 (applied after Dec. 15th of 2012), and as little as $95 a month to maintain your optimum health. For some people, because of the improvement of their health condition, in 3~6 months, they are taking less drugs, qualifying a lower monthly premium for their life and health insurance; it just off sets the cost of drinking nopal juice extract.

Why do you suggest husband and wife to take nopal extract juice together?

Based on the reports from our clients, sooner or later, one spouse will not be able to handle the other's energy level at night. It's amazing what can happen just by improving one's blood circulation. We are not just in the business of distributing a product; we are in the business of distributing happiness and wellness. However, we don't want to cause any marital issues by having wives complaining their husband's energy level returns back to their 30's. It's best for husband and wife's mind and body to be compatible with one another. We can't take care of the "mind" part, but we can certainly do something possitive to the body. Men, share this with your wife. Women of 50's, please be aware! Nopal Extract Juice restores the functions of your organs and because of this, we have women regained their ability to give birth after months of taking nopal extract juice! Years ago, we had a lady walk in to our office with tears of appreciation holding her first baby at age 55. You may and may not want to have a baby again, so do take preventative action when it returns. Once the amino acids in nopal helps women to produce hormone again, expect positive changes on the skin and youthful appearance.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, if you drink 1 oz. DAILY for 6 months and it doesn't show a health improvement on your before and after physical exams. Simply send the empty bottles back along with your before and after test results to prove no signs of health improvement, we will gladly refund your purchase price (excluding the shipping cost and 25% of service charge). If you are not on any medication, please allow up to 3 months to see a significant improvement. If you are on medication, under the supervision of your doctor, please finish 2 bottles for the first month and 1 bottle a month for the next 5 months. Rome is not built in one day, do not expect to tear down a Rome in one bottle, give yourself and your body a reasonable amount of time for restoration. We live in a fast food nation that wants instant gratification and that's the mind-set that gets us into health trouble in the first place.

What can I expect out of nopal extract juice and timeline?

You will go through 3 stages:

  • Cleansing & Detox - Usually first 1~3 months
  • Recovery & Restoration - Another 2~3 months
  • Maintenance - Usually achieved after 4~6 months

Depends on the amount of toxins in your body, your diet , and lifestyle, the cleansing period may be 1~3 months by taking just 1 oz a day. Constipation and lack of energy are usually eliminated in this period. Then it comes to the 2nd stage of Recovery & Restoration. This is the stage that you can start to see results with your physical exam. Numbers that are high (like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar) may start to change. We really suggest that you take a blood test or physical exam after using the product for 6 months. Take a picture of yourself now and 6 months later. Your physical exam 6 months later may help you to qualify for a lower health and life insurance premium. Take advantage of it to off set your cost of drinking nopal extract juice! Most of our customer would agree that after 6 months of usage is when they achieve optimum health condition. At this time, you can start to reduce the amount down to 1/2 oz 1/3 oz a day depending on your diet and lifestyle.

Does Nopal Extract Juice cure or treat any disease?

It is quite often that we get a question like this. If we answer yes to any of these question, we are only looking for legal trouble under the current law. However, we believe many diseases can be eliminated by stopping the two major causes of disease.

Why do you need to shake the bottle before drinking?

There are rich minerals in nopal extract juice and they usually stays in the bottom of the bottle. To get the full benefit of nopal extract juice, please shake well before pouring it out.

Why do you suggest adding yogurt or probiotic to the drink?

  1. The enzyme in yogurt works in synergy with nopal extract juice. Just mix 2 tea spoon of sugar-free yogurt into diluted solution and stir or shake well.

  2. For many, nopal extract juice taste like plum juice after mixing with water, some may and may not enjoy the taste of plum. Adding sugar-free yogurt or any other juice like natural cranberry or natual apple juice would make it more enjoyable for some.

Why does Nopal Extract Juice prevents and stops hangover?

Try it! Before you have a night out, take 1 oz. with a cup of water 15 minutes before drinking. First, you will notice that you don't get drunk easily because nopal pulls the bad alcohol (acidic toxins) from your liver to your bladders and out of your body. You still enjoy the buzz but not the hangover. Now if you drink a little too much, take another cup of nopal extract juice after done drinking or before sleep, you will be surprised by the result next morning.